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The Benefits of of the FHA Mortgage Loan

When it will come to the qualifying of the home loan, there are actually different types of the program that can be available. With that variety of the home loan program that is available, it is actually very important that you are to choose the particular kind of the mortgage loan needs. One of the home programs that you can be able to choose from is the FHA mortgage. This type of program is also being designed for those of the very first time buyers. The FHA home loans can actually be used to be able to purchase into the primary residence or that of the refinance an existing kind of loan.

First benefit is to be able to reduce the down payment. The FHA mortgage loan can be able to offer the buyer’s a certain program with that of the lower down payment. The current minimum down payment for that of the FHA loan is actually 3.5 %. By allowing the down payment to be able to come from that of any different sources, then the FHA mortgage loan program can be able to help the buyers to purchase the new home.

The seller can be able to pay the closing cost also. The FHA loans can be able to allow the seller to be able to contribute around 3% towards that of the buyers closing cost. The FHA loans can be very important most especially in the assistance of the purchase of the clients of the new house and then to reduce the amount of the money that will be required for the closing. It is good since the sellers will be able that of the closing cost and also the prepaid items like the taxes and the home insurance together with the interest of the loan.

Finally, the good thing about the FHA mortgage loan is the mortgage insurance. Another benefit is the approval of the insurance for the mortgage loan. Once that the mortgage is being approved already , then the FHA mortgage insurance can then be approved also. This is way far different from that of the conventional home loan that you know. There are actually many times that the home buyers can be approved for that of the conventional mortgage, but it will not be approved for the mortgage insurance. The conventional home mortgage loan offers higher in terms of the private mortgage than that of the month mortgage payment offered by the FHA mortgage loans programs.